Catwoman I drew based off vol. 3 of the new 52 series in my favorite costume for her.

Made a Chog! Coolest thing after POYO from the comic book Chew

Made a Marvel’s Captains image. From Captain Marvel book.

Coming To An End: Animal Man

Animal Man ends after 32 issues with issue 29 (yes I know how to count. We had two annuals and a 0 issue) Admittedly ending with 29 bothered me because it was an odd number so in my mind i’m calling it issue 32.

Issue 29 just reminded us of every sad moment we met in the run and I did tear up a bit. Jeff’s art works wonderfully with the fairy tale story that Maxine tells her father, Buddy in an attempt to get to cheer up. The Red is in balance and we see two new totems take their places as the leaders of the red.

We get a short resolve to the last arc and jump right in to BUddy back at home. I don’t love this. That’s just because I love seeing Buddy fight for his family but when he’s just sitting and reminiscing over events I get antsy and want to see action!

Travel Foreman came back for the last issue. His work was done great. the backgrounds were lacking but it’s not obvious the first go round with the issue. With a second read the lack of anything in the backgrounds stands out.

I didn’t know when I picked this up that Animal Man was coming to an end so this was a sad surprise. Buddy’s earned it though. He needs a break and Lemire made an excellent point in an interview I had read. He stated that you can’t continue to jeopardize buddy’s family and make the book better than what it’s already been.Lemire’s interest in the character and all that he’s written is derived from Buddy being a hero with a family. Jeff is going to continue to write Buddy, but he’s going to be in a team book. Seeing him in that environment will be cool

Barry Allen from The Flash. I might color this one and repost it soon

jim gordon from Batman and Robin VOL 1 new 52

landscape based of a issue of DareDevil 

re read uncanny x-force and saw lady deathstrike  so I drew her. 

Trying to find a art style i like. drew this wonder woman this is a favorite.


more or less finished my catwoman painting

based of the Batman in Shanghai short 


So Matt decides, against the better judgment of his friend Kristen, to admit to being DareDevil to make the the Serpents powerless against him while also doing the right thing and showing how far the Serpents have gotten into the New York City Justice System. Though this cause the courtroom to…

Matt Murdock Outs DareDevil

So Matt decides, against the better judgment of his friend Kristen, to admit to being DareDevil to make the the Serpents powerless against him while also doing the right thing and showing how far the Serpents have gotten into the New York City Justice System. Though this cause the courtroom to erupt in an all out brawl and  matt get’s to prove even further that he’s the real deal.image

Unfortunately because of his antics and this being the only way he could find to stop the Serpents  he’s now out of a job as well as his friend Foggy who still has bigger things to worry about. For instance, not having insurance  to take care of all his medical bills for the cancer he still has running rampant through his body.image

So now Matt is going to be moving to California. I have to say while I haven’t review many issues of Daredevil I have enjoyed this series so much since I jump on back at issue 22 and 23 is where this long and awesome story with the serpents seemed to start (as far as I know) and its been a fun run. I look forward to the new Now series that starts this week ( I think could be wrong) and strongly encourage anyone to go pick it up.image

It looks like Matt will be starting a new practice again while be a hero but people are going to know about it. I don’t think it will be all that bad seeing as how Jennifer She Hulk Walters is doing the same thing in her book but she isn’t being barred from practicing law in New York and she and Daredevil are Known Avengers/ Heroes and now both are known lawyers. It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel Editors can keep some consistency with laws and the like in these two books. See my She-Hulk Review here


Samnee and Waid have been doing a fantastic job on the title and I hope they continue with the book for a while longer cause I don’t want to see them leave.  Be sure to go out there and pick up the trades if your new reader!!imageI Loved this page so much!

Red/Green Lanterns: Red Daughter

Up front I need to say that I have only read issues of 26 and 27 of Red Lanterns and that’s why I bought this book. I haven’t read Green Lantern since the 20th issue where Geoff Johns left. So by all means I’m a new reader to these titles and I have to say I would suggest picking them up if you are interested the GL corner of DC. Though I have heard you should really reach back and start with issues 21 for each to know the current going ons I felt fine with 26 being a jump on point for Red Lanterns.

So this issues has the major selling point of being TWO books in one. which really means you get one full story that is somewhat disjointed by the fact that you have to flip it around to read the other part. BUT! instead of just turning the book upside down and continueing to read you have to flip and then turn your book around to start from the beginning. I hope that makes sense. Green Lantern Side is Part one and Red Lantern side is Part two. overall not to confusing but you sorta have to look at the book not just pick it up and start reading.

Like I said I picked it up to read cause I had read Red Lanterns last two issues recently and enjoyed them enough to continue. I really enjoy Guy’s new look (not just the red suit but his whole new look)

I got worried because with this being about Supergirl taking a red ring I was worried about needing to pick up issues of that book, but YAY! we don’t need to at all. She can’t even speak and we readers are almost as confused as the rest of GL cast. 

I wish for the sake of this book that it could have had the art work done by one person in place of the two. while the styles are similar it was off putting to see the tiny discrepancies. 

The stuff with Zox getting back in his sphere form was funny and Shadow Thief be branded a hypocritical xenophobe was good too but I felt the trip to earth was cut short due to the Supergirl delima. I wondered if the creative teams debated on keeping it in but for the sake of a good flow to the series kept it and jumped rushed through to get to the bits with side stuff of Atrocitus and the combo issues major sell of Supergirl as a red lantern

The book deals more with the issues presented by the Red and Greens wanting to patrol the same sector of space, 2814. Which makes total sense seeing as how both leaders of these corps are humans from earth! It’s fun but maybe a bit to jumpy for a new reader trying to ground themselves to one GL title. So many earthlings in space though I’d like to see an actual alien take more of a lead in one of these books and boot an earth guy to the sidelines at least for a few issues.Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns by Shane Davis.
Red Lanterns #28 by Stephen Segovia.By the way…CALLBACK